I am Jaimie. I am a disabled 33 year old female. this is my story.

Started by Jaimie, Oct 27, 2022, 01:49 PM

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It was September the second 2022.
>> I had an argument earlier with Ethan on our front porch while sharing our last morning cigarette.  His mom had called him about his other girl thats is drug addicted and selling herself and asking to borrow money from her each month.  She hadn't been told I was back with her son, because he would lie to her to keep me secret.  He was seeing another girl and she was pissed. We argued about the phone conversation because we had an agreement, That he'd have nothing to do with her. He told me he wanted to keep our relationship private, away from everyone else. I told him "I wasn't going to be a secret and I'd deal with it" , while his phone rang with a wrestling promoter. He got on the phone while I texted his mom from my phone. I told her to "leave us alone and she was causing fights in our relationship" and more. She didn't respond to me but called her son (Ethan Young) while he was on the phone with business. He eventually picked it up after she called several times. She was screaming at him. I passed my phone over to show him, yes I texted her and this is what I said to her. He read some of it got frustrated and said "All right I'll deal with it" to his mom on the phone because she was yelling the whole time. I exchanged words with him and went inside our room in the trailer. I sat down on our bed and he came charging in saying pack my shit and leave. I refused so he started to pack my stuff in bags. I told him to leave my stuff alone and to stop and "no" several times. I picked my phone up and called the Pinellas County Sheriff  because he threatened to beat me up if I didn't leave. He Said "Jaimie you are a whore and all you are  good for is to lay on your back and get fucked." He was cold and heartless. With no remorse. The argument in the beginning was after he raped me. I stayed because I can't work.  I was in 2 car accidents and have physical therapy and a lawsuit going. When the Pinellas County Sheriff  came out and spoke to all of us. They told the trailer owner (Phil) that he'd have to file for eviction. After Pinellas County Sheriff  left I took my stuff back inside and sat it down in my bedroom out of the way. I went and sat down and called my best friend. Pinellas County Sheriff  said "stay in different rooms and not to talk". That's what I did and was doing. I talked to her for a few minutes before Ethan came in yelling and screaming. It got my friends attention and she went to comment and I told her "No don't reward bad behavior."  That's when he statred hitting me and beat me up. He broke my nose, my right pinky, torn cartilage in my left ear, and bruising to my liver and kidneys. He stole my two phones and ran to hide them in the trailer somewhere outside my reach and headed back to finish me. I got up and saw blood falling from my face and I hurried out of the room past him and to a neighbor to call for help. The meat cleaver was mine but had already been packed in a backpack and had been put it in the bag that I had just returned to my bedroom. He must have went through my bag and took out the cleaver and cut himself while I  waited for the Pinellas County Sheriff  at the neighbors.  He told them I cut him and he was protecting himself against me because I had the cleaver, but i had no access to the cleaver it was in my backpack accrost the room which HE packed earlier.  I went to hospital then did 33 days in jail. When he found out I was out of jail with nocharges, He tried to get me to come back. Then came by my residence with a 5 to 6 ft steal pole, harassed me and my friends. Admitted to theft and still being in possession of my properties.  And so much more. He likes driving a truck that's not registered to him and he has no driver's license or id. Ethan Young is a 3rd degree black belt, in many styles of martial arts. He is an independent pro wrestler for many different promotions. He is 38 years old. His hands and feet are registered weapons.

All that versus 110 pound disabled young mother.


"More people would learn from their mistakes if they  weren't so busy denying them"

That's their M.O. modus operandi


His adult retribution he burns our homes to the ground while we're gone...